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Friday, March 16, 2012

Abes short da update nie..

Da lame betol aq tak upload blog nie..maybe sebab quite buzy gak ye..ngan mini project plus presentation lately..ape pon..just want to update something that happened lately..
  1. My nephew just coming over with her Boyfriend !
  2. My Lecturer Cik/Pn Ina just get married !! (die kate panggil cik pon takpe rase mude sikit !! )
  3. My neighbor.. Brader Sham also get married !
  4. My money quite shorted and getting shorter..(please faster !!)
  5. My class leave allocation just get used accidentally cause some terrorist telling me class is cancel.. I'll sue to my lawyer !!!.

~That's All

jp !!..jom layan Adnan Sempit 2 lu..

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