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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Nescafe O + 3 a.m

hah..actually now at three o'clock i'm still awake and i don't what to do..maybe sebab minum nascafe O kaw tadi!!..I'll shouldn't ordered that..haha..ape2 pon skang nie aq tengah kebosanan like seriusly bored..membe aq sume da tido..jadi just this old skool lappy jady mangse teman aq..and with this lappy also i'm bored too you's all the same..kecuali kalau aq de download lagu baru..haha..erm..right now..instead of bored..I also miss how I want to telll you..just hope she missed me like I do right now.. her laugh..her voice..her smile..keep imagined it in my mind..well..right now if some of my friend sees this..they would laugh at me..hey!!aboy nie..jiwang karat lak..wrote something like this..muke nerd..hati ade garden!!..haha..but..what the hell!! I care..right!!

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