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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tours To Elephant Conservation Centre, Kuala Gandah.

Kuala Gandah, Pahang. On 12th May 2011, The IMRAN Chartered Accountants has held a program for the staff to get away from everyday busy work. This idea of event is come from Mr. Mohd Noor Abu Bakar, The Director of IMRAN Chartered Accountants.

We gathered at the office on early 7.30 a.m, but since there some of the participant that late we all get on the bus on 8.41 a.m. We go through the east-coast highway to the destination and the tour takes almost 1 hour and half, we reach Elephant Conservation Centre on 10.30 a.m. First of all we get tagged by the sticker to letting us get in. once we are all in we get to see the elephant, we also get to know the elephant name, one of it is Mawar. We also get a chance to feeds the elephant and touch it trunk, the elephant is seems not afraid of human and so easy on the crowd, on the second thought we the one who afraid of it.

e-en & kak fiqah


kak ain & mimie (purple gurl..haha)
mimie & lin (taxcom crew..huhu)

After the feeding time we all get to snap a memory with the elephant, after that we are getting to ride the elephant. It's kind the chance that you don't want to missed. all of us get the chance and everyone is exciting to get on the ride. After the ride Mr. Mohd Noor Abu Bakar is giving the cheque to the staff of the Elephant Conservation Centre as a symbol of we all care and hope a better future for the elephant, After that we all get to the place for lunch time and get some rest.

aboy & kepet...jom parking gajah nie depan pertama....tengok DBKL bole tarik x???hahahahah

kak iqa & farhana

wawa & kak huda

lin & e-en...apsal muke korang camtu....haha

kerel...ntah nape wat die nie..tetibe je!!

After that we all went to the show room, in there theirs a skull of elephant and many facts about elephant that you don't know before. We also get to see the documentaries of the elephant has been saved by the rangers here several years ago, one of it is named Caroline. Caroline have been save from the jungle that not suitable for it anymore due to the human exploration, it was moved to the safer place in The National Park, although the moving session is seems very hard on the elephant, but it for their own good.

kak ain..haha dapat gak snap muke die solo....tu pon dah nak balik...

posing telinge gajah...hahaha...belalai je xde...

As we getting into the evening there are many visitors comes, the student groups and also visitors from other countries. In the evening the elephant usually get some bath in the river near the camp. at that time all visitors get the chance to bath with the elephant. since there not one of us get into the river, so no one of our group get the chance to bathed with the elephant maybe because the only visitors that goes into the river is the foreigner, So we all only get to saw the act of the foreigner with the elephant.

Although there some of us that feel really loss and sad because didn't get the chance into the river with the elephant. we are all happy and have a great fun with all the staff.

we all reach the office at 5.00 p.m.


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